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I have just introduced a new value series Blog which has information for all you up and coming marketers out there . In this series you will be able to contact me and ask questions about anything related to starting a business online.  I would really love to talk to you and help in any way I can !

I will have my direct email address at the end of this conversation so that we can stay in contact if you wish.

Let's Start with me . Who is Curtis Clark ? well I am a business owner and internet marketer  who has been doing marketing since 2008. I had been struggling for 2 of those years trying to make an income online. Over time

I learn what I should be doing and of course what does not work in todays marketing. At that point I worked hard and created several successful websites from scratch.

Why should you listen to me ? well I have been where a lot of you are now trying to figure out how to start to make more money in this economy to help your self and family. To start with you should have you Mind Set right

This means you need to be totally focused on your goal. The path to success is not a get rich quick frame of mind. It is discovering what niche you would like to get into online and educating yourself with books, videos, and the necessary tools ( I have certain tools on my website that you will need to be successful online) .

I am going to end this for now. Remember if you have any questions just email me !

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Affiliate Marketing Model

I have been asked a couple of times what is affiliate marketing ? and how do I make money with it .
The concept of Affiliate Marketing is pretty straight forward. You work with a major company such as Amazon for an example and you sign up with them as a affiliate.

Once your signed up you can use their product links anywhere you like.
You can use them in emails--(email marketing) or on your website or landing page. Most affiliates select products that interest them and are popular, such as weight loss, business opportunities, dating, dog training, etc.

The goal is to make money by promoting these products by marketing to people you have gathered by having an opt-in form on your landing page or website. You make money when you sell a product or service to one of your subscribers. This money is in the form of a commission -- (a percentage of the total sale).

An example would be if the company who you are an affiliate with , let's say Walmart for example offers 20% commission on an item that costs 100.00 dollars you would get 20.00 dollars for sending that customer to Walmart !
Affiliate marketing can be very profitable and it is a way to bring in extra money into your household or even be done full time from your home !

To start with you will need basic tools  to get started like either build a website or a landing page ( a landing page is simply a page on the internet that you can add content and a form to collect emails)

I can help you with these items on my website. You can choose a 30 day free trial offer with our partner Get response for your email marketing or create that landing page called Leadpages. We also have Weebly to help you get that website up and running !

** Remember I am always here to answer any questions for you !

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